Friday, June 12, 2015


 Where to begin.  Let's start here .... the last classes we had at the MTC.


We finished our office classes then we had to rush to the airport to catch our first leg of a VERY long flight.   Our Office Training was very helpful but it is now time to put it to the test!

We hung our card on the door of our MTC apartment and we were off!
We got a great send off at Brant's house from the Ariel, the boys, and Cia.   Asher gave us his scary  eyes!!!

And Brant took us to the airport!  

 After a LONG arduous flight across the ocean (14.5 hours), we were on our last leg of the flight ready to come into Phnom Penh.

 We are now in Cambodia and I am in awe everywhere I look. There are signs of  poverty and opulence everywhere.   Mostly it looks like poverty to me but I am not sure.   A way of life is very present.   The Cambodians seem to be happy with very little but in the same breath they seem to be scrambling about like an army of ants searching for more.  

As we flew into Phnom Penh ,we looked over the land and saw some very beautiful green spots in a land that is mostly brown.  The Mekong River is the brownest river I have ever seen.   It ribbons its arms in and out of the country like an old friend.  The Mekong water means life, even if it is brown.

As soon as we got off the plane in Phnom Penh the heat and the humidity hit you in the face with a great blast just to let you know who was boss!   It felt JUST like Oklahoma.... I knew I was back home.    I didn't just sweat for the rest of the day.... I PUDDLED!  It was awesome!

We were met not by just one couple but FIVE couples.   They all came to welcome us. 
Hollenzer, Hasslle, Leavitt, Meinzer, Oveson, VanBrocklin
Another thoughtful and warm welcome.    We then had our first driving experience in Phnom Penh on our way to the restaurant for lunch with all the couples.   Holy Smokes!   I could not believe what I was seeing.

Vehicles everywhere!   Small Moto (small motorcyles) with 3-4 people on it, Tuk-Tuks (open air cabs powered by motorcycle), cars, huge trucks, vans, etc.   They were all around you literally only inches away.

Motos were weaving in and out of cars like Shriners in a parade.  It seemed as though they were coming out of nowhere.   No one has any regard to street lane lines..... they are there but they mean nothing.   A street light may be red but the traffic still plows through, if they feel like it. Elder Leavitt got more and more overwhelmed with each minute knowing that shortly he would have to navigate the mission van in that mess of vehicular insanity.   That anxiety has not gotten any better in the last  week!

We had lunch with all the Sr. Couples.   Wonderful restaurant.  The food was terrific.   I had a Chicken Curry that was very tasty.
We even had some fun entertainment while we ate.  This girl was amazing to watch.  So beautiful.

 We went grocery shopping.  It wasn't much different than our stores.   A strange smell, a K&T-like fish counter, a few odd looking fruits, a lot of Khmer (ka-my)writting, but all in all not too different.
This was my first shopping till tape.

Last but not least, our apartment.... I was scared to death to open that door.  We were both very pleasantly surprised.

The rooms were huge.   Marble floors, air conditioning, TV, internet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.   

Each room has a king-size bed with a beautiful built-in armoire with a full length mirror.     (Although, that bed is so hard that it feels like you are sleeping on the marble floor!  )

The kitchen is very small.  Of all the space in this apartment they have had no regard to putting much space in the kitchens.   I can't figure that out.   But it is what it is.   In fact, it is a kitchen AND a laundry room all in one!  The little washer is in the kitchen.     

The living room is equally spacious.  it has a nice fake leather furniture with built-in bookcase and TV.  The TV and internet are included in the rent.  It is quite comfotable.

It has proven to be a very nice apartment.   We will only be in this apartment until late July then we move into the Office Couple's apartment which is only 3 doors down from the mission office.  That will be great for us.   This has been quite a BEGINNING!

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