Thursday, May 28, 2015

Its All About Flying....

28 May 2015

The last three days have been a whirlwind of learning. My personal learning curve has exploded!  From the moment our plane hit Salt Lake City our feet hit the pavement running.  That hasn't changed since we arrived here at the MTC.  We have experienced total missionary immersion!  Yesterday we got our "official" name tags to prove it. 
We have been focusing on learning all 223 pages of Preach My Gospel in one week!   And how to effectively use the pamphlets too.  

It's all about "flying"..... in the morning we flying down to the cafeteria for breakfast, then to our first class, then to our District classrooms for more instruction on teaching.    At noon we scoot right back over to the cafeteria (in hopes that the food has gotten better... never been a fan of cafeteria food).  Another group class then fly across the way for more District classroom teaching.  

The next day in amongst the "flying around", we did get our flight itinerary.   We will leave the MTC on 4 June after all the classes end at 3:15pm to race to the airport in Salt Lake City to catch our 6:45pm flight to Los Angeles. 
    We get to wait 4 hours at LA to catch the midnight flight to 
Hong Kong, China..... that will take 14 1/2 hours to get there! We will have a 3 hour layover in Hong Kong then to our final destination of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.   All in all, 19 hours of flight time.  We will arrive at 10:30am on 6 June (which will be 9:30pm Alberta time on 5 June). 
Tuesday night we were on Cloud 9!   Our feet finally hit the floor with a calming peace yet our spirits soared to great heights when Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came to speak to all the missionaries at the MTC. 

What a treat that was.   Elder Holland was magnificent.   He asked that every missionary come away from your missions with at least one convert..... yourself. He did not mince words.  Elder Holland then told this story....
               A teacher and his student stood on top of a mountain that they had carefully climbed together.  The teacher then asked the student, 
                                     "Go stand on the edge"
           The students response was, "No, I'll fall!"
           The teacher again said a little more forcefully, "GO stand on the edge!" 
           The student's response was the same, "NO, I'll fall!" 
           The teacher was even more persistent, "GO STAND ON THE EDGE!"
           The student stood on the edge and the teacher pushed the student and            he began to fly!  
Elder Holland then explained that the Savior sometimes has to give us a "push" so that we will "fly".   That is what the MTC has done for me.   It has pushed me so that I can fly!.  It's all about FLYING!



  1. Fly away to your new home!!!

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  3. That is a very good description of the MTC :)) Loved the experience- you are going to be great missionaries!

  4. Wow! Sounds tough as well as wonderful. Take care of each other. God bless! Looking forward to the next one!