Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Come See What I See......

16 June 2015

I'm not sure that pictures can really show you what I see but I will try. Our first Sunday (8 June) abruptly let us know we were no longer in Alberta.   We went with the Hollenzers to a small unit of the Duc Mao Branch.   There were just a handful of Saints there.  

Their little chapel was just an open air room filled with plastic chairs neatly in a row.   Obviously, their priesthood have been trained well in "chair placement".   4 Fans were well placed and circling around the congregation.   The chapel was on the ground floor right in the middle of a stilted-home neighborhood.   The first thing you do is leave your shoes at the door.  

There sat our 2 little priesthood holders at the sacrament table in bare feet.  
It included an outdoor washroom (the tin building in the background), of which they were very proud.

 They attached to me like glue.  The little girl on my right never left my side from the moment she got there.   It was fast and testimony day and there are so few people that of course almost everyone including Elder Leavitt and I stood to beare our testimonies.   When I had finished and was walking toward my seat, one sister asked me, "how old are you?"  This certainly caught me by surprise but I told them I was 61.  And they were all pleased to hear that.   It was explained to me that they need to know how old you are so that they can properly respect you according to age.   They all seemed to be surprised that I was 61 so that was good to hear!   

The Cambodians don't seem to be shy about asking questions.  Another sister asked how many grandchildren I have and are the fat or skinny?????   I didn't delve into that question any further!   

Then they were off on their motos. We stayed for a discussion with a family and the Elders.  I didn't understand 3 words of that discussion but I did recognize the Spirit that was there.   

The typical homes in that neighborhood didn't look like anything I had ever seen but the member's home that was right across from the chapel looked different from the others.   It was clean and orderly.  

We then went with the Elders to another young member's home to teach another discussion to his parents.  
We felt like we were deep in the jungle at this home.   We drove on a dirt road that really looked no more that a cow path!   But for him... this was home. 
This was the most beautiful Sunday that we have had in a long, long time.   

We are finding that Phnom Penh is a most interesting city.  At our home we have 2 different balconies.  Each facing very interesting streets.  This is what we see from our balcony... street vendors.  They open up shop on any corner or any piece of sidewalk they want. 

The electrical systems that are displayed everywhere should hardly be described as a "system".  It is the most archaic wiring I have ever seen. 

There are TukTuks everywhere... these are delightful taxis.

Some of the buildings are new and beautiful ....

but then they leave this aweful trash on the street for weeks.

You can see the beautiful buildings but also in between you can see some slums.  There seems to be no zoning laws.   Wherever there is land you build.  It doesn't seem to matter if there is an old run down building next door.  

Across the street is a tailor.... might go over there some day and see if they can make some skirts or shirts for me.  

Just a look to the left... 

Or a look to the right.... 

Gives such a diversity..... you hardly could tell it is the same city or even the same street.... but it is!   This is our Phnom Penh.  This is what we see and much more. 


  1. Thank you for the beautiful view of this wonderful city! Please keep sharing your adventure!

  2. Sarah thank you for sharing with us your mission, and for sharing through your eyes the country you serve....keep posting

  3. Nice description! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pictures!! Looks wonderful.
    Hey, do they have Dr. Pepper over there?

  5. I love you guys so so much! Sending prayers and light and love your way ����❤️