Friday, April 24, 2015

"Say 'uncle' !"

24 April 2015
Nancy Sloan, John Green, Sarah Sloan, Susan Green

"Just say 'uncle' and then I'll let you up"!!!  These were familiar words I heard often as a child.   My cousin, John Green, and I would wrestle and tussle about until one would have the upper hand and be able to imperatively demand submission.  John being 2 years older than me usually had the advantage and I was the one reluctantly submitting!   Although, I do believe that this is where my high threshold of pain began!   I hated giving in and sometimes I would take all the pain he dished out until he just plainly had mercy on a stubborn little girl. 

Well today we had to give in to India and say 'uncle'.    Our Stake President, Brian Low, called to say that the Church informed him that we would NOT be getting any visas to India.   India is not issuing visas to anyone at this time.  

We were both very sad at this news.   Part of me felt like I could hold on just a little longer and take the pain but certainly the Church officials know when it's time to give up.   So now we wait AGAIN for a new mission assignment which will be coming via courier within the next day or so. 

We have had a great time learning so much about India in our anticipation of living there.   We have read, watched and Googled everything about India and felt we were somewhat prepared for that great adventure.  Maybe next time???

The excitement begins again.... we are anxiously anticipating our new call.  I'm not stalking the post office this time but I have found myself all but pressing my nose to the window watching the traffic go by on my street waiting for the courier to pull into my driveway.

Our next date for us to enter the Missionary Training Center is 25 May,  Brant and Vaughn's birthday.