Tuesday, August 16, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.....

Wednesday 17 August 2016

This week there has been an interruption in my regular life.   I have talked about learning curves before and how how difficult they are for me.   Well, really, I am just tired of them!  This week has been a bit different than just a learning curve.   It has just been a plain nuisance!

With the heavy rains that come pouring down on us, the Mission Office/Home's roof has finally sprung a leak.   Unfortunately, the leak was directly in line with the main breaker electrical box.   We have been without power in the Office since Sunday.    No power whatsoever!   There is also very little natural light so working there is impossible.

The missionaries in the office, the 2 AP's and the 2 Office elders,  go about their missionary business as if nothing has changed.   President and Sister Christensen checked-in to a near-by hotel.  They also have their computers which are hooked up to the Church systems.   President Christensen conducted his scheduled missionary interviews out of the Service Center, then they left to go to the Provinces to continue the interviews.

But here I sit a bit lost without my daily jobs that the mission provides for me.    I have read 2 books, cleaned the apartment,  gone grocery shopping, and done laundry.   I am not that domestic so most of these activities are not very fun!   Even in reading the books I have discovered that I read best in front of a roaring fireplace or at poolside!!!  (Preferably the latter!)

What I have discovered is that I LOVE electricity!  I love Benjamin Franklin.

 I love Thomas Edison.

 I love Willis Carrier for inventing air conditioners.
I love Alan Turing for inventing computers. 

I love Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for taking those computers to a higher level! 
(And by the way, Cambodia,  I miss my electric can opener!!!!!)

I believe that I was born for "such a time as this" to be surrounded by electricity.   I have read the promise over and over that states that I would never be given a task that I could not bear.   I am reaching my threshold......  Just give me back my office, my computer, my air conditioner, my electricity so I can function!

These are a few of my favorite things......