Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Time Has Finally Come....

25 May 2015

25 May 1982 We were all saying, "the time has finally come" meaning the birth of the twins, Vaughn and Brant .....
Brant and Vaughn
and here we are 33 years later on the same day saying the same thing only this time meaning that Brian and I are finally entering the MTC.
First thing we received were our name tags and ministerial certificates.  It is all written in Khmer. We cant read a thing it says!   

We were pleasantly surprized to find that even though it was Memorial Day we had plenty to do and the MTC functioned as normal.   It was total missionary immersion!  Still no visas and still no travel itinerary!   We just dropped off our passports to the Church Travel Dept. in Salt Lake.

It is beautiful here.   No wonder the spirit is so strong here.... EVERY hallway, EVERY corridor, EVERY classroom is flooded with pictures of the Savior.   

I think they should rename this to the Missionary Training CITY.   It seems like it is a city unto itself.   You forget where you are as if there is nothing outside of its walls.   This is where we study and learn to "Preach My Gospel by the spirit" (Doc & Cov 50:14). 

After being lead around by the nose for an hour or so picking up papers, paying for our stay in the MTC, getting a small tour, finding the mail room, going to the Travel Dept. (only to find they still didn't have visas or travel itinerary) then we got to our room  
 We found our room quite nice and cozy. 

This is our study area.   I'm talking to Tasha, Elina, Meagan wishing Vaughn a happy birthday.  Brant and his family dropped us off at the MTC.   That was pretty special. 
Family please note that I only brought 4 pairs of shoes for this first week! Dad has his 2 pair neatly in the corner.  In all reality we got the BEST room
which is conveniently located to the 

Candy, pop, and ice machine right outside our door to the left and to the right....
the emergency heart defibrillator (they gave all the Sr.s a map of all the locations!).  So I think we are set for our first day!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I am reliving the MTC through you!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Love it! Makes me wish I were there!
    Take it easy on the snacks - you don't want to have to use that defib machine!
    Sure love you two!