Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You Tube, Google, Overload of Information!

From the very moment that we read India New Delhi Mission the boys went internet crazy.  Within seconds we were hearing East Indian music.   They were playing it loud and proud.   "This is gonna be your life Mom... get used to it!"  
They quickly ushered in the world of You Tube images of India.       
They began with transportation.   (you know, if it came off the internet it MUST be true!)    
Just jump aboard and hang on.... 
Or you could try a bus....
Or you could travel by boat....
But really, why not just travel as the natives do?   We have never heard of any fatal elephant crashes!   
Another child got on Google which has more bytes of information than India has people!   We learned that New Delhi has 11 MILLION people in its boundaries, but within the metropolitan area of New Delhi there are 23 MILLION people!  
There was much more information to be learned about India, 

You know Mom, you'll arrive in India around May.   Did you know that May and June are the Monsoon months of India?   You might want to pack some gum boots.   

As well meaning as they were, we got our best information from the mission president and his wife, Peter and Kelly Sackley,  via Skype on Sunday 8 Feb. 
We now realize that India is exactly 12 hours plus 30 minutes away (I can't help but believe that extra 30 minutes has something to do with New Foundland!).  So we called via Skype at 8:30 pm (Alberta time) and talked to them where it was 9:00 Monday morning.   Understanding the time change seems to be quite easy and convenient.   

Even though the traffic is like this.....

 We will ride around the city in little taxis called, autos, like this.   This will cost 50 rupees which equals $1 Canadian.  Now that's a bargin.  

We will live in the mission home/office compound.   Our main assignment will be in the office.  We will be assigned to a Branch and will have to find other projects like humanitarian or PEF (Perpetual Education Fund) projects.   I can hardly wait to get started BUT Pres. Sackley told us that the first hurdle will be to get our visas in order.   So we pray for the visas to come through.   

Now we are waiting again.....


  1. I am so excited for you. Thanks for the wonderful posts.

  2. So excited for you both can hardly wait for your first post from India

  3. Sarah and Brian - This is amazing news. You two will have such an amazing experience and help so many people. We send out love and best wishes.
    Alan Green - Oklahoma Mission 1971-1973