Friday, February 13, 2015

HOLY COW (literally)!!!

 Friday 6 February 2015

The envelope arrived on Wednesday 4 February 2015!   But there it sat on my counter top!  We had decided that we would open it with the kids in Calgary.  That would not happen until Friday.   Brian was in Medicine Hat doing some contract work for the Co-op. (Although, it didn't really bother him at all like it did me because he had received an email on Monday from an anxious mission President welcoming us to the mission!)  We felt it would be important for the grandchildren to have that special missionary experience of opening the letter and reading the destination.   We felt like they would better understand why Grandpa and Nana were leaving.  

As that envelope sat on the counter and taunted me,  I questioned my whole theory on the missionary experience. I picked it up, I put it down a thousand times in those 2 days.   I held it to the light then I checked all seams.  I arbitrarily ran my finger nail under the flap hoping that an office worker had ignored the water levels of the mailing machine or just plainly had poor quality spit.  No such luck!    That envelope was like Fort Knox! I then came to the conclusion that the Church really needs to lower the quality of their envelopes.   

Brian and I drove up to Calgary on Friday 6 February 2015.   I'm dying because he knows and I don't!   To Brian's credit he gave no hints (at least none that I picked up on).   

Finally the time arrived....6pm.   All the families were there (Joel/Fiona, Taylor/Natalie, Vaughn/Tasha, and Sloan/Naomi and 11 children).   Adrianne and Brant were hooked up via cell phones (Face Time).   I opened the envelope and I couldn't believe my eyes.   I couldn't believe what I was reading. 

                                      INDIA NEW DELHI MISSION 
 Vaughn immediately found some East Indian music on his phone and played it very loudly.   They were all finding things on the internet about India.   It was all fun.   All the phone calls began.   We called family members and friends but especially Tami who served her mission in Sri Lanka which has given her a special love for the people of India.  And the people of Sri Lanka loved Miss Tami back (but then again, who doesn't?) 

The most tender moment was when little Lily came to Brian and I (mostly Brian) with big sad tears saying, "Just how many years are you gonna be gone?"  She was so distraught.  We assured her that we would be able to stay in contact with her via email, Skype, and letters.  

All in all, it was a very special evening.   We are very excited and privileged to be assigned to this mission.   I keep thinking about all the places that we could have specifically requested because we knew a mission president (Brian Leavitt, Pres. of the Nova Scotia Mission--he contacted us last October; Jim Toone from the Arizona Tempe Mission; or Brent Thomas from an African mission; and the Temple President of the Kona Hawaii Temple who gave us his card hoping we would request his temple).  If I had not left it in the brethern's hands look what I would have missed.   

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